Kareena and Rani Mukerji Cold War

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Bollywood Top actresses Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukerji, have always been friends; they went around promoting their film Talaash together, before it was even released. But now that the film is out and the promotional hurly-burly is over, it looks like relations between Rani and Kareena are far from cordial.

Kareena Kapoor-Amir Khan-Rani Mukerji

Kareena Kapoor-Amir Khan-Rani Mukerji

The cold war is believed to have started as the promotional activities were coming to an end. “There were cold vibes between the two and Aamir Khan played the mediator,” said an industry insider, according to the Hindustan Times. “Though Kareena had the bigger role in the film, Rani’s acting garnered more appreciation. That could be one of the reasons.”

The actors have started avoiding each other at public events as well. Kareena and Rani did not even come face-to-face at the party held to celebrate the film’s success.

“We don’t know where these stories originated from,” said Rani’s spokesperson. Kareena’s spokesperson, on the other hand, was unavailable to comment.



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