Eid-ul-Fiter Latest EID 2012 Greeting Cards

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Ramadan a holy month of Muslims. Muslims fast in this month for the order of ALLAH that he gives to the Muslims. After fasting in this month Muslims are very happy that they fully obey the order of ALLAH. After this month there is a holiday Muslims called it EID UL FITR. A day of happiness for Muslims. The night before this holiday they go to the market for shopping and enjoying and every one is seeing towards the sky for the moon of Eid if any body see it then it is announced all over the world. At the day of eid Muslims wake up early in the morning and wear neat and clean cloths after bathing and then go to the mosque for prayer and after that they enjoy the day of eid andgive gifts to each other and spent the day by enjoying. Get Free huge collection of EID Greeting Cards Collection.

EID 2012 Greeting Cards



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  1. tanjim on Tue, 14th Aug 2012 3:59 am 

    please give me some sweet eid sms, card,mehedi

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