Aamir Khan Goes Nude for Movie PK

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Great, so finally there is something that has taken the thunder away from Kick to some extent at least. For last month or so it was all about ‘bhai’. Bhai kya mask pehenta hai, bhai kya train cross karta hai, bhai Shahrukh ka record todhega, bhai apni Eidi lene zaroor aayega, bhai yeh, bhai woh!

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

And then Aamir decided to drop his pants!

Voila! There was a hot topic waiting to be explored. For the entire weekend gone by, trade, industry and audience at large are buzzing with the nudity on display. Ok, so till the time of this piece being written there are no ‘chee chee’ whispers being heard. There are some nervous giggles for sure while for a large segment of male crowds, a curious glance has been given.

Of course it would have been a lot more than a glance had it been Sunny Leone instead. However, we shall let that pass. For now, it is Aamir Khan as the subject in picture and though not many are expected to have retained the copy of a full page advertisement that came out with the newspapers on Friday morning (or saved the online picture in the ‘Official documents’ folder of their smart-phones for that ‘repeat viewing’), rest assured this isn’t the last one has seen of the superstar baring his modesty.

Let’s explore.

Eyeballs have been gained. Period.

The very fact that this piece is being written despite Independence Day, Dusshehra, Eid and Diwali yet to fall before P.K. arrives on Christmas is a proof good enough that the poster has done its job. Need of the hour for the Rajkumar Hirani directed film was to make an announcement loud and from that perspective, it is ‘Mission Accomplished’. Aamir Khan has a penchant for working on making a solid first impression and nothing usual works for him. Yes, no one expected something as unusual as this but then bringing on something unexpected is what comes with Aamir’s territory. So yes, he delivers with a point to make.

The media takes over now

What better way to reveal your marketing strategy when free play is expected from majority of media outlets without even asking for it. When precious millions are spent to just announce that ‘Hey, I am a film, I arrive on this date, please give me a chance’, here is a poster that says – ‘This is me. Now YOU talk about me as I sit back, relax and enjoy the show’. This is happening indeed, what with social networking starting it all and conventional mode of media picking it up like hot cake. A PR doesn’t necessarily have to request a journalist to plug a piece on the film, the Editor would himself be interested as the ‘topic is hot’!

Controversy? Yeah baby, bring it on

Really, which controversy has ever (read slowly -> E V E R) harmed a film? It has always been the case of additional eyeballs, extra mileage, added moolah, bigger returns, more audience for a film. Period. Let’s admit this and move on. Oh yes, there may be an argument that so and so film lost its business in this and that territory because there was a call of ban or protest somewhere. But pray, why not also talk about those additional footfalls that were gained everywhere else where audience now knew about the film more than ever. In that perspective, the genius out there needs to be complimented for devising this poster.

The hypocrisy fact. Hmmm, let’s talk!

When Aamir does it, it is art. When Sunny does it, it is porn. Yeah, point well taken. But isn’t it what ‘branding’ stands for? When an actor builds certain credibility after two and a half decades of existence in the industry, his work is scrutinized in a certain manner. Good, bad or ugly, there are bound to be debates, but no immediate dismissal. On the other hand, when another actor comes from the world of porn (and to her credit, does a damn good job in there as a professional), it does require a convincing act of a different kind.

Puhleeze, it is not the gender thing here. It is about how audience sees you as a product and then forms an opinion about your work. It is doubly shocking to see a couple of newcomer males baring it all in Dunno Y.. Naa Jaane Kyon while eyebrows are raised when Vidya Balan goes all out with her dare-bare act in The Dirty Picture. It isn’t about a man or a woman being chosen over another to qualify as a topic for debate.

Social outrage and protests? Are you kidding me?

Ok, now that I have controlled my smiling outburst, let us try to recount which protest has ever managed any credibility whatsoever beyond its couple of days of attention (and not necessarily name or fame)? Which protesting unit is remembered from one film to another? When has a debate on a television panel actually managed to do anything but benefit a film by spicing up the controversy? When has audience been actually dissuaded from watching what it really wants to watch? Would the comments (belonging to either extremes) that would be posted below this feature do anything better than only hyping up P.K?



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