Turning Point

Music Composer :   Khiza
Lyric's Writter :   Khiza
Album Release Year :   2009

 Khiza Turning Point

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Khiza is a well known Remix UK Punjabi artist. He is well known for his melodies songs.One of his popular album is Loyal to the Game .Their are 3 albums in currently in the market and it has turned the tables of international standards and marvellous work is given in this music album. This album introduces four new artists who are all good and different music is produced by them. This album has twenty tracks in it and each track has its own specialities which attracts the attention of the listeners. Music in the album is sensational and has a soothing effect on the heart of listeners. They feel relaxed and comfortable.  You must buy them and enjoy the music. “Ho Gaya Ni Pyaar” by Abrar-Ul-Haq & Suman is very nicely composed and music is sensational. It is liked by majority of masses. Omer nadeem and his songs including “Aye Khuda”, “Dil Ka Diya” and remix of “Dil Ka Diya” are all good and amazing. They are so appealing to the audience that they get absorbed in the lyrics and music of the songs. Their music is really very sensational and heart touching. This album also contains the songs of a delhi based singer “kohli” which has experience of more than five years. She has got recognition for Indian classical music from her Guru ‘Ustad Babu Khan Sahab’, ‘Muzafarpur Gharana’. She has a lot of Punjabi Albums like Mehandi, Rabba Na Vichorin Yaar Nu, Jawani at her credit. Her songs seem to be a composition of a complete artist. The tracks of Omer Nadeem are also amazing and new in style. This Year, introduced by Khiza Music, heard on the Latest Release, 'Turning Point' OUT NOW.

  List of Turning Point songs:

   Note: Following is the List of Songs
    Ho Gaya Ni Pyaar (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dil Marjaane Nu (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Aye Khuda (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Muhabbatan (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Jadon Da Pyaar (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dil Ka Diya (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Taryaan Dee Loye (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Tere Bina (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    MashAllah (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Mehndi (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    I Know I Know (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Sab Tere Te Sohniye (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Tark (Leave) (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Ghadi Pal Yaara (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Suhe Cheere Waleain (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dil Ka Diya (Dance Mix) (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Yaar Kita See (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dil Marjaane Nu (DNB Mix) (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Why Are You Alone (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Laut Aana (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)