Jal Boondh

Music Composer :   Faisal Gauhar
Lyric's Writter :   Faisal Gauhar
Album Release Year :   2007

 Jal Boondh

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This album is one of the finest albums released in near months. Music composer and lyrics writer is Faisal Gauhar. This album is a drop of famous band jal and now called as jal boondh. Another album by the famous Pakistani pop band, Jal, featuring some new numbers Jal was formed in Lahore in 2002 by Goher Mumtaz. He first found bassman Shazi to join the group and was soon after joined by singer Atif Aslam with whom they recorded their first hit single Aadat that received a lot of fame. Boondh is international pop-rock music with some alt rock ingredients added onto it.  A little sufi like affection is seen in some tracks but the whole album cannot be seen as album of Sufism. The first song Sajni begins with the crystal clear sound of acoustic guitars along with electric ones played without any bend and the tune is catchy. Sounds cape of this album is first class as it has been mixed, produced and mastered by Mekaal Hasan  The second song Raatein starts with a heavier message and then develops into full of deepness and musical appearance  The bass and drum playing is amazing. Humein Itna Pyar is a splendid love song while Moray Piya is a relaxed and soothing song. Main Mastt Hoon is a kind of Sufi Rock. Mahia, Payal and Chup Chup are relaxed and soothing.  Kia Se Kia and Yeh Mera Pakistan bring love for country. The music is powerful enough. This album of twelve tracks is an excellent piece of work for music lovers. You must buy it to enjoy music.

  List of Jal Boondh songs:

   Note: Following is the List of Songs
    Main Mast Hoon (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Moray Piya (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Humain Itna Pyaar (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Raatein (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Sajni Pass Bulaoo Na (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Mahia (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Payal (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Chup Chup (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Kia Se Kia (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Yeh Mera Pakistan (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Sajni (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Humain Itna Pyaar (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)