Dhoom Tana

Music Composer :   Shahzaman
Lyric's Writter :   Shahzaman
Album Release Year :   2009

 Dhoom Tana Shahzaman

Songs of Pakistani Album Dhoom Tana are not available because they are the Copy Rights of Fire Records and GEO TV Pakistan.Here you can not listen the songs of Shahzaman Album Dhoom Tana visit www.firerecords.com.pk or http://www.geo.tv to Purchase the Orginal Cds and DVDs of Pakistani Pop Album Dhoom Tana.We are against Piracy and we do not promote right protected material on our site.

The music composer and lyrics writer of this album is Shahzaman who is new entry in Pakistan music industry. New talent along with it self brings new ideas for music and bring new innovations. These new innovation along with inspiration from old songs brings such amalgam which makes history and this is done by Shazaman. The Mp3 Songs of Pakistani Album Dhoom Tana are not available. These Pakistani Album Dhoom Tana by Shahzaman belongs to Fire Records and Geo Television Pakistan. This album comprises twelve tracks and all are good and new with unique style in it. Shahzaman proved himself as a versatile and great singer and composer and gave excellent work in this album and tried to prove himself as a great star. He tried to come at top positions and this album increases his fame as a good singer.  “Dhoom Taana” is a song which will be liked by many because of its nice composition.  “Aaray Aray” is another romantic track but nothing extraordinary in it is seen. “Sulaifa” is simple and very likable.  “Oye Oye” is melodious song. “Saiyan Bedadiya” is a mesmerizing song.  This album is mostly comprised of love songs. The lyricist of this album is Shahzaman himself. The title track of the album starts with a sweet and melodious song of   “Dhoom Taana”. This song on a whole is excellent song. . The song “Dil Di Kahani” sung by Shahzaman is marvelous and touches the heart of listeners. You must buy the CD to listen the songs.

  List of Dhoom Tana songs:

   Note: Following is the List of Songs
    Dhoom Tana (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Aaray Aray (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Sulaifa (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Tera Naam (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Ove Ove (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Aray O (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Saiyan Bedardiya (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Tera Naam (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Balam feat Amjad Sabri (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dhamaal (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dhoom Tana (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)
    Dil Di Kahani (Buy From firerecords.com.pk)