Chahar Balish

Music Composer :   Sajjad Ali
Lyric's Writter :   Sajjad Ali
Album Release Year :   2008

 Sajjad Ali Chahar Balish

In late April 2008, Sajjad released his album, Chahar Balish, which contained new tracks as well as some previous tracks such as Chal Rein De. Sajjad Ali is a Pakistani semi-classical, pop singer, film actor, director and producer. He is trained in classical singing. This album is composed of ten tracks and all are different from one another in style and music. The beat and depth of music is good with a soothing affect in most of sounds. This album was released in 2008. the most appealing tracks are “chal rehn day”, “bolo bolo” and “gaddive”. “dil pareshan hai” has a depth in it especially in its use of instrumental theme and lyrics are also heart touching. All remaining tracks are average as far as other albums of the year are concerned. “rang laga” is a different song  with a taste of nice music and spice of beat in it. The MP3 songs of the album are not avilable for downloading but you can buy the CD to enjoy the work of sajjad ali. It has latest melodious songs and some of the biggest hits in a new style with exciting new mixes. All the tracks in the album are nice and music is melodious. It attracts the attention of the listeners by its quality music and sajjad’s great dedication to his work. “katna nahe” is a melodious song and quiet different in theme and message. It add different colour and attracts the attention of the listener. Music is passion for singer and this can be seen in her songs and composition. He is one of the pioneers of pop singer in Pakistan and his work is acknowledged a lot for Pakistan music industry.

  List of Chahar Balish songs:

   Note: Following is the List of Songs
    Pekar (Buy From
    Rang Laga (Buy From
    Gaddiye (Buy From
    Katna Nai (Buy From
    Bolo Bolo (Buy From
    Nai Thakda (Buy From
    Dil Pareeshan Hai (Buy From
    Kia Naam Doon (Buy From
    Chal Ren De (Buy From
    Gaddiye (Club Mix) (Buy From