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Movie Release Year :   2007

 Salakhain Songs

Sometimes one has to pay for the sins which he did not do in his life. Same happened with the leading character of Saalakhein, Ahmad who is not new to you as he is very famous now days after winning LUX style awards for the best model. He belong to the very good family in the story of the movie and was very much determined to fulfill the dream of his father by establishing his business. But bad times never came after indications. Same happened to their life too. He once giving his exams got involved in a case by some illegal means as he raised his voice against that act and himself got involved. He was sent to jail and his father couldn’t bear all this and passed away from this world and his mother lost her mind. Ahmad got very aggressive and wanted to take revenge from the people responsible for ruining his life. In jail he met Saud and they both make each other’s friends. On releasing from jail they both started working for underworld and a politician. Ahmed killed that teacher and was behind the booti’s mafia head who then planned to snatch politician’s shelter from him. At last he succeeded in taking his revenge with the help of his girl friend Meera. But at the end they both were killed thus ending the story. Music of the movie was given by M. Arshad. Songs of the movie were liked by the audience.

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