Raju The Joker

Movie Cast :    Gulshan Grover, Akhilendra Mishra, Vishwajeet Pradhan
Music Composer :   na
Lyric's Writter :   na
Movie Director :   Kanad Kashyap
Movie Producer :   Rashmee Seengal, Divya Seengal
Movie Release Year :   2011

 Raju The Joker Songs

The main cast of the movie is Gulshan Grover, Akhilendra Mishra and Vishwajeet Pradhan. It is directed by Kanad Kashyap and produced by Rashmee Seengal and Divya Seengal. The songs of the movie can be downloaded in the MP3 format from here which are good and melodious. The main theme of the movie is inspired from the old movie mera naam joker which was the project of Raj Kapoor and now this movie is launched by
Celluloid dreams Pvt. Ltd. This film revolves around a character of Raju who joins the circus in order to earn money but later on he liked his profession a lot and wants to continue it but he hide this fact from his mother. It is inspired from the old movie but still it is not clear whether it will follow the old story or some new twists and spices will be added in it. It is expected to have some amendments according to the need of hour. Anup Jalota is involved in composing recording and directing the music of Raju the joker. The listeners are expecting to have some nice songs and music in this movie. The main concept behind the movie is that every profession in our society do not earn the same respect. Some professions which give money but lack respects so the adopters of the profession have to hide their originalities from others even their blood relations and this is shown in this movie. So this movie is also about such a man.  Hope you will like such a natural topic.

  Raju The Joker Songs List

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