Aashiqui In

Movie Cast :    Ishaan Manhaas, Ankita Shrivastava, Dheeraj Miglani, Tiya Gandwani, Shubhi Ahuja, Deepan Shah, Sharmila Joshi, Priti Gandwani
Music Composer :   Nitin Kumar Gupta, Prem Hariya
Lyric's Writter :   Taufeeq Paalvi
Movie Director :   Shankhadeep
Movie Producer :   Shashikant Chheda, Amit Chheda
Movie Release Year :   February 11, 2011

 Aashiqui.in Mp3 Songs

Here you will listen online or download the high quality Aashiqui.in Mp3 Songs. Aashiqui.in is an Hindi movie by Shethia Audio Video Productions and Gipsy Films. This film is scheduled to be release on February 11, 2011. It is basically a romantic comedy movie revolving around Cyrus (Ishaan Manhaas ) and April (Ankita Shrivastava). Aashiqui.in is directed by Shankhadeep and produced by Shashikant  Chheda and Amit Chheda. Story, screenplay and dialogues all are done by  Shankhadeep himself. Aashiqui.in is having very melodious songs directed by Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Hariya. Taufeeq Paalvi did his best in writing the  lyrics for Aashiqui.in. Singers like Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi  Chauhan , Amit  Kumar  and Jojo Khan have sung the beautiful songs of Aashiqui.in in their magical voices. The background music is also given by Nitin Kumar Gupta and Prem Hariya. Most of the times Cyrus gets confused in making decisions in his life as he is no one who can understand him. He wants to be a writer but his dad wants him to be the swimming champ at national level so he hides his dreams from his dad because he was his only family. On the other hand April was an average next door girl who was treated as servants after death of his father by her step mother and step sisters. She goes to college and also had to do part time job for her pocket money. Cyrus and April randomly become friends on internet without knowing the true identities of each other. This whole situation is very beautifully portrayed in the songs of Aashiqui.in and the viewers will surely like the music.

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