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Islam is the religion of peace and submission to the will of Allah. The histroy of Islam datest back to almost 1400 years ago when Prophet Muhammad came as the final apostle of God and a book revealed unto him known as Holy  Quran. Funrocker has got a plenty of Islamic videos and they are very motivating for Muslims. They are about Islamic facts, Teachings of Islam, Science and Islam and Sacred Worship places of Muslims. We have best collection of videos about Islam and Muslims. Watch Free Online Islamic Videos and download free Videos related to Islam

Islamic Video

 Islamic Videos

        Faizan e Madinah
        Forever Palestine
        Hasbi Rabbi Naat
        Hum Mustafavi Hain
        Ilahi La Tu Azzibni
        Karam mangta hun by Sabri Qawal
        la ilaha illallah
        Michael Jackson Hamd
        Name of Allah
        Recitation of Surah Khaf
        Sami Yusuf Supplications
        Shahbaz Qalandar
        Takbir Eid
        Why I Conver to Islam