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Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na

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Film Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na  Review

Aamir's upcoming production Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na brings the entrance of his nephew Imraan Khan. However Mansoor Khan who was an outsider from the Bollywood track for quite a lot of years, settled to make a return when he heard the news that his cousin Nauzhat's son Imraan is going to make his debut in this film Jane Tu Ya Jane Na.

Director: Abbas Tyrewala
Producer: Amir Khan
Starring:  Imran Khan, Genelia D'Souza, Ratna Pathak, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Paresh Rawal, Naseeruddin Shah
Script: Abbas Tyrewala
Music Director: A R Rahman

It can be evoked that Jane Tu Jane Na was at first supposed to be produced by Jhamu Sughand but on the other hand things didn't get managed and Aamir came to save his nephew's debut plan. Aamir selected A R Rahman in place of Himesh Reshmmiya who was supposed to create the music of Jaane Tu Jaane Na.

There is no need to say, Aamir and Mansoor both are extremely sure that the film Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na Songs and story must be a right movie for Imraan's career, hence both are ensuring on the whole thing, from scripting to directing. The two are so occupied that they have actually forgotten that an acknowledged writer Abbas Tyrewala, is the director of the movie Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na.

A unit hand notifies that Aamir has been engrossed since the scripting stage of the film and Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na MP3 Songs. "Abbas Tyrewala is among the best acknowledged script writers of Bollywood, but characteristically Aamir gives his imaginative inputs. Things were all right till the scripting and direction phase but now the movie is complete", stated the unit hand.

Going on the same layer, the unit hand stated, "But when Tyrewala began editing the Jaane Tu Yaa Na Jane film, Aamir started going to the editing room more than ever. Earlier he provided some inputs but afterwards when the director did not see eye to eye with his analysis, Aamir started interfering more and made changes in view of that."
Aamir is notorious for his nosy act. Prior to this he was recognized for prying in Amol Gupte's work and finally he came to direct the movie Tare Zameen Par which marked his directorial debut. "Now he is producing his Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na as a producer but Aamir revealed more curiosity in scripting and editing of Jaane Tu Yaa Jane Na Lyrics. It won't sound as a bolt from the blue to anyone if Aamir misses the director Abbas's name as a director,"of course.