Younis Khan offered Resignation Letter to NA

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Younis KhanPakistan Cricket Team had a very good start in the recent ICC Champions Trophy of 2009. They kicked India out of the scene and played much outstanding. But the matches with Australia and New Zealand were very poor. Pakistani Cricket Team couldn’t maintain their winning position and the whole team collapsed down immediately.

Rumors were rife that a match fixing was observed and that was the major reason behind the defeat of the team. The National Assembly took the rumor seriously and called upon a meeting to discuss the issue. It was presided by Jamshed Dasti who was in favor of the view that match fixing was observed. Younis Khan, the captain of team presented his resignation during the meeting which accentuated the issue and serious doubts were raised by this act. Ijaz Ashraf, the chairman of PCB has said that Younis offered his resignation. But PCB has not said anything about the acceptance or rejectance of the resignation.

Some old players have criticized on Media and PCB and said that it is a shame that they are pointing fingers towards a reasonable man like Younis Khan. The actual story is still not known.



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