Useless Cricket Players Of Pakistan

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Useless Cricket Players Of Pakistan

Garbage in, grabage out. At least I was not expecting better performance from our team, which lost even practice matches, during the training camp in Lahore. All of them, including the coaches and trainers, are like spent cartridges. The performance of our team is an insult to the game of cricket. It is absolutely unbecoming of the so-called world champions, to give such a pathetic performance in world cup arena. Now looking forward, we must invest in future and dump all these senior ” MENTALLY RETARDED ” team  players into the dust bin of history. If we are losing with so much disgrace, with senior players in team, there will be no harm in rebuilding our team, from the players of the under 19 world cup runners up. At least, they will put up some fight. And remember, there is no shame losing a game after putting up a fight worthy of your class and abilities. So my advice is to forget the rotten past and invest in future, radically repeat radically, without the fear of defeat.

By: Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad.

Pakistani Cricket Players

Pakistani Cricket Players



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  1. Mohammad on Wed, 22nd Sep 2010 10:21 am 

    Mr. Nayyar what the hell u r talking about…. our team is best in the world try to believe in ur country mates ok and dont be too sentimental ok it just game and hope for good…. already our beloved country is defamed alot so plz as a Pakistani don’t try to hurt Pakistan’s dignity ok think positive and try to write positive….. for the positive image in the world…..

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