Invasions will be Prosecuted – ICC

September 28, 2009 by  
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PIAn Invasion was made by some passionate Pakistani spectators in the Centurion on 26th September when Pakistan won the match. Some of the youth managed to cross over the barriers and ran into ground with big Pakistani flags accentuating the victory in all terms of ill-mannered behavior. The ICC has taken strict notice of this thing and some of the rebels are arrested. Such an incident was not expected because never in the ground was observed such a pathetic non abidance by the rules. The management of ICC Champions Trophy 2009 says that it has increased security apparatus to prevent such incidents in future. Although nothing bad happened but the fear was substantial to put a question mark on security details. South African grounds are vulnerable to such incidents because they don’t work on putting solid barriers to separate the ground from spectators. Those who are found guilty or will be, would be prosecuted as per South African legislation.