Indian Dia Mirza Wedding With Pak Shoaib Akhtar

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Indian Dia Mirza Wedding With Pak Shoaib Akhtar

A great charm of wedding can be seen these days, Inspiring from Mirza’s family another great Pakistani Cricketer

Pak Shoaib Akhtar Wedding With Indian Diya Mirza

Pak Shoaib Akhtar Wedding With Indian Diya Mirza

Shoaib tell his heart to get that girl, Thinking himself lucky just because Sania Mirza and Shoaib Mailk get married, Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan claims to be having an affair with the Indian Celebrity Diya Mirza, According to Shoaib Akhtar of Rawalpindi Pakistan he is in Love to Diya Mirza and both are good friends, now after t20 matches they are planning to get married, This is a second indigestible news, the first news seem like a rumor when we heard Sania Mirza of India is getting married to Shaoib Malik the Pakistani Cricketer and Captain but now one more news just stopping breaths, What we say lucky Pakistan or Indian, getting friendship in a strange way, When you have to do friendship Do Marriage just like shoaib malik and sania mirza did and now diya mirza and shaoib akhtar going to do soon. Bookmark us for more news about Dia Mirza and Shoaib Akhtar.

Indian Dia Mirza Wedding with Shoaib Akhtar

Indian Dia Mirza Wedding with Shoaib Akhtar



14 Comments on "Indian Dia Mirza Wedding With Pak Shoaib Akhtar"

  1. vareesha on Fri, 30th Apr 2010 5:01 am 

    what the hell is it ??????? every indian women wants to get marry with pakistani . what will happen with paki girls ??????

  2. indian on Tue, 4th May 2010 7:18 am 

    girls whats happening to you , dont you have smart,rich,famous indian guys to marry , i am also a good choice for you with all the above qualities and qualifications .
    why on earth pakis only

  3. Dia Mirza Wedding | FunRocker Cricket on Fri, 7th May 2010 3:55 am 

    [...] that after t20 20 matches he will announce his wedding with bollywood actress dia mirza, but after dia mirza’s live interview to a channel in India, every thing proves fake and this issue had come to an [...]

  4. Malvinder Singh on Fri, 21st May 2010 9:55 pm 

    Wuts the hell with u diya . U know total population of pak. Just duble r in indain muslim well educate person think about that

  5. Sahan on Sat, 5th Jun 2010 2:51 am 

    What the matter with u?Everything going wrong.No Body is perfect.I’m No Body.

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  7. milan khan on Wed, 25th Aug 2010 6:17 pm 

    Hey people can’t u tell dat that pik is a fake all dis nonsense about diya mirza and that dumb ugly cricketer is a freakin’ lie.

  8. gana pandey on Fri, 29th Oct 2010 7:39 pm 

    diya i love you but i am very hearting because you marry with pakade i hate you, you shall be marry to indianman

  9. priyanka on Mon, 14th Feb 2011 11:12 pm 

    m realy happy vd th news…..
    cz i js want shoaib 2 get attached vd india n indian….in nyway he likes………..
    i luv u shoaib….
    for me u r always my THE SHOAIB AKHTAR………..

  10. parneet on Thu, 21st Apr 2011 2:09 pm 

    dia mirza is so beautifull girl

  11. Kaberi Sharma on Thu, 23rd Jun 2011 4:19 pm 

    Its ur life’s decision. Dont listen to others. Listen to yourself and ur family. Whatever is your decision i support u.

  12. kunal talewadiya on Thu, 1st Sep 2011 9:19 am 

    plz don think about him. he is so dirty person.

  13. rajan sharma on Tue, 20th Dec 2011 10:28 pm 

    hello diya i’ rajan and………………………..?

  14. Anonymous on Sat, 25th Feb 2012 10:30 am 

    Shoaib is a perfact f u

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