ICC Champions Trophy Final Match – Speculations

October 5, 2009 by  
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ICC-CT logoBlackCaps are certainly among the most humble cricket teams ever seen. They have easily shown Pakistan the way to home. It seems that the team is very self motivated and highly disciplined.

Their was a huge debate on whether they could make it in the presence of big giants like Australia, India, Pakistan and SouthAfrica but they proved their metal. Now, the final match is going to be held at Centurion’s SuperSport Park on Monday against Australia. Both teams are fully prepared for the event. It will also bring the nostalgia associated with Anzac days. Anzac is the short form for Australia New Zealand Army Corps which were set up for a big fight while World War-1 and a loss of millions of lives was beard by both countries.

Vettori is very hopeful and determined to win. The Champions Trophy of this year has been fun throughout. Let’s all see what happens, who wins and who stands runners-up.



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