Afridi Vs Abdul Razzaq : Nayyar’s Proposal

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Afridi Vs Abdul Razzaq : Nayyar’s Proposal

Written By: Syed Nayyar Uddin Ahmad Nayyer

I WAS a big admirer of Afridi, not as a batsman but, as a dynamic leader. However, there is no forgiveness, for a person

afridi vs razaq

afridi vs razaq

bringing disrepute to the Nation as well as, the game. In my opinion, such persons needs to be dumped  into the dust bin of the history, to bite the dust forever.

Regarding Abdul Razzaq, it is high time he is elevated as captain for all the three forms of the Pakistan team. He is mature, experienced, cool and respected by the team members and the followers of the game, all around the world. Moreover, he can be DYNAMITE, if required.

Good luck Mr. Abdul Razzaq.



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