Watch Raavan Movie Online Ravan New Poster

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Watch Raavan Movie Online Ravan New Poster

This movie is a story which revolves around the fight between good and evil i.e. Ram and Raavan. The movie will hit the big screens on June 18, 2010. The movie includes the two ASH & ABHI together, seen together in first movie since their marriage. Raavan is produced and directed by Mani Ratnam and includes Abishek Bachan (Beera Munda), Ashwiriya Bachan (Ragini), Chiyaan Vikram (Dev Pratap Sharma) and others. Raavan is a movie which includes the vicious scenes of action as well as the soft tunes of the romance. Beera is a man who is unlawful and untamed, he is the beast in the form of a man very protective about his people, in short he is the pride of small town Lal Maati and nicknamed after legendary demon Ravan, Beera is a saint as well as a sinner. On the other hand Ragini who is a lively and passionate women for music and art. She is a strong woman with her own will and her own mind without being under pressure from anyone. Ragini and Dev fall for eachother and get married. Dev is an encounter specialist, determined and passionate; he all the way goes for what he believes to be righteous. Dev and Ragini move to Lal Maati where there is no law and rules except for that of Beera. Dev wants to bring rule to this place for which he knows he has to run down Beera first and in this raging fire of catching eachother, Ragini, Dev and Beera lost in the jungle which is thick and scary.Emotions arouse which is as scary and confusing as the thick forest. Soon the line dividing the good and evil start to blur and then evil turns to good and hatred turn in to love. Hopefully the movie will drive the minds and hearts of the viewers CRAZY, ruling the bollywood as well. You can watch Raavan movie online or you should enjoy its wallpapers, posters, pictures, pics, images, snaps, photos etc.

New Poster Watch Raavan Movie Online

New Poster Watch Raavan Movie Online

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