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Now you are going to watch Khatta meetha online and getting huge info about the khata metha movie. It’s time to watch movie “khatta meetha” for the national and abroad viewers. Among the products, the tested products have their own advantages. If someone owns deep-six copyrights as Priyadarshan has for the movie as the director, the marketing becomes reasonably sure. It is due to the reason that she is re-producing the old idea with new cast and features.
A start pack comprising of Akshay Kumar, Rajpal Yadav and a debutant Trisha Krishnan have injected the extreme of their professionalism. This movie will surely helps Akshay in floating his new production house, Hari Om who has produced the movie.
The selected story is near to the reality and the writer has webbed it around the mafia of corruption in the construction of the public properties. The leading role is played by none other then Akshay Kumar who is named as Sachin Tichkule and playing the role of a road contractor. Throughout the film he has to face a lot of tough time in his job. The heroine of the movie is Trisha Krishnan who plays the role of a PWD officer. She happens to be the college time love of the hero with whom it broke up.
Moreover the message given in the movie is that the honesty has to struggle hard to live among the corrupt souls. The spark and shine of honesty is rusted by the continuous and gradual forces of corruption and bribery. The movie is a satirical comedy of such a person who feels hurdles in surviving honestly in the system full of corruption. The film is an expose of the system in which the honest are punished and corrupts are rewarded.

Watch Khatta Meetha Movie Khata Metha Online

Watch Khatta Meetha Movie Khata Metha Online



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    waw…i saw this movie…its very nice…

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    nice movie,everyone watch it

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