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Dubai is the business center for most of the world. When ever we imagine a highly professional business city the image which comes into our mind is of a city which has huge buildings with glass walls and a lot of professionals working in those building. Have you ever tried to match this image of your mind with the outlook of Dubai city? Surprisingly the image in your mind will match with Dubai. After the discovery of oil, Dubai has come into sight as a business hub and a global city. Most of the revenues for Dubai come from tourism as this city is the center of most of the connecting flights from Asian countries to European countries. Dubai Government has used this opportunity and has developed the city in such a way that it has attracted a lot of tourists. These developments include shopping malls, parks, smooth roads with beautiful landscapes, restaurants and hotels etc.
Yet all of this is not enough. Another marvelous development of Dubai city came in front of the world on September 24, 2008 and this wonder is called ‘Atlantis, the Palm’, a resort at Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Palm Jumeirah is already referred to as the 8th wonder of world and addition of Atlantis Hotel as another architectural wonder has definitely added value to Palm Jumeirah. This luxury resort has become the new landmark of Dubai city and is sited on 113 acres. Atlantis the Palm is a joint venture of Kerzner International Limited and Istithmar PSJC and it is replica of Atlantis located in Bahamas.
This seven star luxury resort consists of 1539 rooms. The building is made up of two towers which are linked by a bridge. This resort has something for everyone. It notable features include Aquaventure theme park, Dolphin bay and the lost city.
Aquaventure Theme Park is a water resort situated on 42 acres of land. In this water park a great big Ziggurat is made like the ones in Iran. This Ziggurat has a water slide with 27.5 meters height and is quiet steep so according to a number of tourists this water slide is the most amazing experience they ever had at any other water park.
The Lost Chamber is another amazing experience for the visitors. These lost chambers are a maze of chambers which shows an incredible view of under water world. These lost chambers have approximately 65000 fishes of different kinds which at a first glance leaves a person overwhelmed by its vastness. The Dolphin Bay is an innovative dolphin education center with an Ambassador Lagoon which has got hundreds of species of marine life. It is situated in 11 acres of land.
Other than these, there are fitness centers who offer a lot of treatments from all over the world. The Avenues is a retail and entertainment place build on 7500 sqm. which is full of boutiques, clubs, cafes etc. Other than that there are luxurious suites guest suites etc. which are offering the luxury that anyone of us can wish for.
So all in all Atlantis-The Palm is a combination of beauty, luxury, information, fun and excitement. Dubai has made sure that every person who is visiting Dubai could get the best experience of their life.

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  1. nasir mohamed on Sat, 16th Oct 2010 11:24 pm 

    wel rly gorgeous atlantis it is. Infact a hve a brothr workn ovr there as a life guard. Wel atlantis congrats u rockn d world , a cnt wait 2 pay u a visit!

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