Sony Ericsson will introduce Android in Xperia X3

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xperia-x2Google is thought to be many as a search engine only. Don’t be! It is more than that. Google is the other name of Internet. It gained popularity by the fabulous search engine and than bought YouTube, provided Google Earth, Chrome Browser, Picassa, Google Documents, Google AdSense, Chrome OS (not released yet) and the Android OS for mobile phones. The Android has become very popular and mobile manufacturers are shifting from Windows Mobile 6x to Google Android OS.

The new handset by Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 would be launched early 2010 and would be featuring Google Android. Sony Ericsson will release x2 next month which features Windows Mobile 6.5. The X3 goes with the working title ‘Raechel’. Although not much is known about it but sources say that this Android based mobile phone will be having an 8.0 megapixel camera with auto-focus and an 8x Digital Zoom as well. The screen will obviously be touch screen and would be 4 inches in size.

Sony Ericsson is featuring Symbian and Windows Mobile OS and they think that introducing Android will boost their market worth. The Xperia X3 will be launched expectedly at Mobile World Congress which will held from 7-10 Jan 2010 in Las Vegas.

Microsoft launches Windows Mobile 6.5

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Windows Mobile 6.5 GUI

Microsoft has always been handy at launching Operating Systems. Almost all the world relies  on OS made by Microsoft.

Now in the mobile phone sector, Microsoft has introduced its latest  mobile phone operating system Windows Mobile 6.5. This is advancement of previous versions  of the series 6 OS. The release of Windows Mobile 6.5 will surely have adverse effects on  the sale of Apple iPhone and a new era of competition will start in mobile phone OS market.  The new OS includes features like improved web browser and GUI. Microsoft has learned a lot  from its previous OS release which was not up to the mark and Apple’s iPhone immediately  made its place in the market.

A My Phone feature is also given as a back-up software for  stolen mobiles. HTC Touch Diamond 2 is the first mobile featuring Windows Mobile 6.5. The icons of the GUI are big and clear.