Sexy SMS and Its Impact on Environment

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playboyCommunication is the basic step towards knowledge and understanding. In ancient times, people used to communicate through unstructured words, hieroglyphs and gestures.

But the evolution made it possible to increase the probability of success in every aspect of human life. That’s why, thousands of years ago, we had well built languages.

But the communication forms we have in 21st century are unmatchable. Today, we have mobile phones, TV, Internet and whatnot for communication. But even than, we exploit them. I am going to talk about messaging especially the sexy sms which are increasingly popular in our youth. Those who have mobile phones in their teenage tend to send and receive sexy sms. The sexy messages destroy the very feeling of being human and ethics in us. Teenage get involved into sending adult messages which have very bad material and they enjoy them.
Nowadays, lot of websites are earning huge businesses by luring youth towards sexually restricted materiel and especially sexy messages. Although, they earn a lot but in the long run, they’re building a bad repute of themselves and deteriorating the sanctity of sex and love in young minds. Funrocker administration had much requests for adding sexy messages and other vulgar content but it is against our values and promise to the clients. We think that it is better to provide decent entertainment rather spreading nudity in environment.

Many websites offered us large amounts to add their links for sexually restricted content but we declined the offer. They were of the point that Funrocker has a large readership and people would definitely access us through Funrocker. But, this is what makes us unique, we provide entertainment and values simultaneously. Sexy messages or naughty messages have very vulgar language and discuss non real things about marital life, sanctity of love and sex.

We must say our say that keep refrain from sexy sms or adult sms messages to preserve your innocence and spreading ethics and values around your circle of influence.

Spirituality connected to Sexuality

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SpiritualitySexuality is something considered obscene by many but sometimes facts are opposite to our thinking. New researches have found that spirituality and sexuality are very deeply interconnected. This is specially in the case of women. Women who are more spiritual tend  to be more sexual and usually do sex without condoms. It is believed by psychologists that spirituality has three characteristics that are connectedness, prayer fulfillment and universality. Out of these characteristics, connectedness gives birth to sexual desires to adults. It is noted that spirituality has more effects on the sex lives of women than religion and alcoholism. A measurement technique employed by researchers to measure spirituality is Spiritual Transcendence Scale which takes into account the three characteristics describe above. A research was carried out that included 353 graduates in which 61% were women. They were asked to fill a comprehensive test whose results depicted that sexual lives are deeply influenced by spirituality.

Sexy SMS and Sanctity of Sex – A Review

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Mobile TextText messaging is an inevitable part of today’s portable entertainment. Almost every mobile user sends or receives short text  messages of different kinds. Despite all the entertainment that text messages provide us, a bitter reality is the existence of  sexy sms and vulgar messages which are spreading like a virus. The history of sexy messages is as old as the history of sms  itself. They are known as sexy sms, adult sms, nasty sms and naughty sms.Many websites over the Internet are providing sexy  sms, adult sms and vulgar content which undoubtedly attract much audience. We, however believe in business ethics and we think  that ethics and moral code must be an integral part of every human doing. Our site is providing excellent content for  entertaining users and we put every humanly effort to bring our users funotainment. The sexy sms are not our cup of tea. Adult  Messages and Sexy messages are surely deteriorating the very culture of love and respect and they are a vital cause of  widespread vulgarity. Sexy sms portray wrong and unethical information about sex and romance. Children are specially affected  from this and they begin to develop wrong concepts about sexuality and romance. This thing is undeniable that sex and romance  is a core part of human’s desires but when a ritual binds the opposite sex into a sacred relation than it is the unmatchable  fulfillment of this desire. Parents must also keep vigilance over the content their children are messaging.

We have seen that  many websites are specially seducing users by sexy sms and vulgar content. They hit traffic and their clientage increases but  what is the backend reality is that they are damaging their repute in cyber world. Quality of content is a simple word but it  requires much effort to conform to it. Although, we have no place for sexy sms and vulgar content in our website but we  provide hot sms which is perfectly reasonable to be sent. The hot sms are not vulgar and are within bounds of ethics. You can  think of them as humor which makes you laugh and compels you to send them to your friends and social circle.