Gays in Pakistan

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The Pakistan is consistently denying that there are no citizens belonging to gay category. However, Pakistan agrees that there is homosexuality exists as it is a common factor everywhere in the world. The life of gay’s community and couples really face immense allegation over here in Pakistan as they fear social threats and even life hazard.

It was mentioned somewhere in report that gays in Pakistan really feels terrible fear that they will be kept of the side in this open traditional society that really ignores sexual state of affairs. There is a very

Gays In Pakistan

Gays In Pakistan

little span of group that live how they are born like gay, rest of the gays live their life quietly in fear of getting pessimistic responses from the society. Over here gays are treated like deviants, indirectly they are disguising the creations of God, the Almighty ALLAH, and it should not be the way they getting their rights.

In superior cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi or the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, gays are facing faintly fear and having all sorts of facilities that are awarded to normal citizens. Pakistani Gays getting to their schools, colleges, learning centers, workshops, and to all other places where everyone loves to be there, except this there they can carry their professional life to maintain their career. However, there is quite contradictory case of this treating with gays in rural areas of Pakistan. Gays really feel awful fright to live open and express themselves in their society.

The gay’s life in Pakistan is much more difficult as they facing tremendous sorts of difficulties and negative responses from their society, so therefore they can’t express themselves and can’t be gays openly. But still they getting opportunities to meet with their partners, the ones they better understand their feelings and could treat them the way they really expecting to achieve.

Considering all these circumstances, there was a case happened with a such person who has been caught by South Korean court as a refugee. When discussed, he answered that his life was like a hell in his country because he is a gay and everyone treats him oddly. According the victim’s wordings, “My life is in a big menace in my country, my family and my relatives are my rival. They say I am insulting my family, my country, Pakistan, and most importantly, our religion, Islam, and I were being threatened that they will report me to the police”.

Except this incomparable case, there is also another case comes along related with gays, more specifically, concerned with gay marriage. Two men were caught and locked up in jail in charge of because they were trying to get married. While, in Pakistan it is considered a crime that whoever willingly has carnal interaction should be punished with sentence by the country’s panel code. But overall situation was quite something else, it was not a gay marriage conducting that time, it was birthday party celebrating that time, but misguidedly Police took it as a gay marriage and locked them up.

This entire situation is showing nothing but only one lesson and that is, there are no rights for gays in Pakistan and they really don’t live their life openly as free Pakistani citizens. There should be some sorts of social codes of conduct and some sorts of rights specially be planned for them.

Gays in Pakistan – Interview With Gays of Karachi

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Intreview Of Gays in Pakistan , Pakistani Gays

Intreview Of Gays in Pakistan , Pakistani Gays

Homosexuality is becoming very common in world and especially in Pakistan , but so far in Pakistan Gays have not been accepted as a part of the society.  Being a Gay in Pakistan is a very emotionally and sexually difficult thing because gays of Pakistan cannot express their feelings . They can’t tell their attraction towards other boys to other people around them .  Being gay is also considered as a sin in Pakistan from Religious point of view. Here we are presenting an exclusive interview with five gay boys of Karachi who will tell us about the difficulties which gays face in Karachi and other parts of Pakistan like Lahore , Islamabad and Rawalpindi. These Gays talk about their Gay Chat rooms , Gay parties in Pakistan and interruption of Police during gay parties. These gays of Pakistan told in this interview that they don’t want any rights from the society except that they just want to Live together and want to marry boys .

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