Facebook Implements New Privacy Measures

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500px-Facebook.svgSince its inception in February 2004, Facebook has become the most renowned social networking site across the globe with more than 350 million active users. Due to its enormous expansion and widespread usage, Facebook was thought to be the information resource for virtually any person in this world connected to the site. Some videos were also uploaded that said that Facebook users must revise their privacy settings because others can take negative advantage of it. Now, Facebook has issued a warning to every user for a change in privacy settings. Access will be denied to those who don’t see the page. Now, when you’ll open your Facebook account, you would see the privacy page.

The page allows you to change your privacy controls and with new privacy settings, you can control each bit of information coming to you and transmitted by you. This is surely a great thing as Facebook users will feel more secure. Some people also claim that by implementing these new security measures, Facebook has indirectly accepted that it became cause of embarrassment for many users. However, we love Facebook and we will continue using it until some new social networking site revolutionizes the thing.

Facebook starts earning profit

September 16, 2009 by  
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facebookFacebook has become the world’s largest social networking site and has almost 300 million active users. No social networking website in the world has ever touched this figure. The Facebook administration has told the media that they have started earning profit which they didn’t speculate until 2010. The social networking site was released from a small room in Harvard in 2004. And in just less than 5 years, it has attracted millions of users world-wide. The site is freely connecting people from all over the world and has very awesome news and information update and sharing capabilities. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and Harvard alumni as well. The boy says that Facebook is achieving milestones in a shorter and less-than-speculated time period. One can assess the market worth of Facebook as when its 1.6% stake was taken by Microsoft Corp. at $240 million. Thus its market worth was $15 billion on October 2007. Mark is the 321st richest person in US and 70% of its users are from outside US.

Facebook increases Intelligence

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facebook-vs-twitterA new research carried out by Dr Alloway who is professor in University of Stirling, Scotland says that use of social networking site like Facebook increases intelligence and memory while Twitter and YouTube can weaken your memory and distract your thoughts. It is a fact that much population of internet users also use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and they use them on regular basis. There also is a huge difference between those who love facebook and those who love Twitter. Facebook users generally see pictures, are updated about their friends and friends of friends and they also see interesting video clips shared by their friends. While Twitter users get quick response from their followers. Dr Alloway says that playing strategy games like soduku increase your intelligence just as usage of Facebook does. She says that it is worst for memory to fill your brain with hell lot of information and that’s exactly what Twitter does. So, Twitter users must beware of working memory loss. Dr Alloway devised a systematic plan to assess the growth of intelligence and responsiveness in children by making a working memory training for 11-14 year old kids. She made a team and they worked on the children at a school in Durham for some time. They say that children had visible signs of improvement in working memory and increase in IQ. Dr Alloway says that nowasdays people are losing working memory because they dont remember what they must and stuff their brain with extra information. By using Facebook, there are increases chances that your working memory will enhance.