Spirituality connected to Sexuality

October 1, 2009 by  
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SpiritualitySexuality is something considered obscene by many but sometimes facts are opposite to our thinking. New researches have found that spirituality and sexuality are very deeply interconnected. This is specially in the case of women. Women who are more spiritual tend  to be more sexual and usually do sex without condoms. It is believed by psychologists that spirituality has three characteristics that are connectedness, prayer fulfillment and universality. Out of these characteristics, connectedness gives birth to sexual desires to adults. It is noted that spirituality has more effects on the sex lives of women than religion and alcoholism. A measurement technique employed by researchers to measure spirituality is Spiritual Transcendence Scale which takes into account the three characteristics describe above. A research was carried out that included 353 graduates in which 61% were women. They were asked to fill a comprehensive test whose results depicted that sexual lives are deeply influenced by spirituality.



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