Shadi Cards Of Pakistan

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Shadi Cards Of Pakistan

Below are the terrific ideas about very innovative and beautiful Shadi Cards and birthday cards. The cards have been prepared with a lot of creativity in mind. The cards range in different colors and the different inside writings are also in the wallpapers. Shadi Cards are the paramount things of a wedding. The wedding in sub-continent cannot be considered complete without a glittering wedding card. The cards are designed in different glittering colors and are sent to people to invite them on the occasion. The cards mention the names of  the personnel and the venue etc. It is indeed a very beautiful custom of sub-continent.

Pakistani Shadi Card

Pakistani Shadi Card



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  3. Sam Ali on Fri, 27th Aug 2010 6:54 pm 

    Wedding is an occasion that demands the complete attention of a family as when a daughter or a son is about to get married. Various factors need to be weighed and many features will have to be put in place for the marriage to turn out into a successful occasion. All prerequisites will have to be fulfilled and even the minor detail will have to be attended to with care.

    One such feature that demands the attention of the family during the wedding time happens to be the shadi cards i.e. wedding cards, and the shadi cards are equally important in a Pakistani wedding.

  4. jyoti on Sat, 28th Jul 2012 3:31 am 

    shadi cards

  5. jyoti on Sat, 28th Jul 2012 3:33 am 

    doing shadi with vakul

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