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Mobile technology has revolutionized the communication and has also given it many new shapes that were not possible before. One of the most common ways of communication through mobile phone is via SMS. SMS stands for short service messaging and is the form of textual communication. It is widely famous and highly cost-effective. Everyday millions of funny and other SMS are done worldwide.

sexy sms

sexy sms

Technology is like a coin. The coin having two sides. A fair and ethical side and other the unethical and harmful side. Similar is the case with SMS technology. People send each other forwarded adult SMS jokes and quotes etc to symbolize healthy entertainment. But a wave of bad use of hot SMS has been swishing through very rapidly. Sexy SMS or Sexy Jokes are what taking over the original purpose of the SMS; People have started sending each other sexy SMS and vulgar jokes and other things to a great extent. The vulgar SMS now contains abuses, sexy jokes, erotic sms, sexy and bad humor and other explicit stuff.
The story does not take end here. Sexy SMS have expanded into dedicated sexy SMS websites and even sexy SMS magazines. The wave is eating the society as a swarm. The web sites are making millions by spoiling the youth and its cultural values that give the teaching of piety and ethics. People now prefer bad and explicit jokes and other humor. These things spoil the minds of youth and create unethical things amongst the youngsters such as vulgar language and abuses.
We at give only clean SMS not sexy SMS texts and other fun humor that are guaranteed to provide you and your child with healthy entertainment. Our web site aims to promote the values and ethical norms in the society with clean and lawful entertainment.



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