Salman Khan sometimes get beaten by her mom

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Although the culture of beating children has been over but Salman Khan, the rock star of Indian film industry still enjoys slaps from her mom. The actor is 43 now but her mom says thaSalmant he still receives some holy pats in the form of slaps and other actions associated with beating someone. His mother, Salma claims that Salman was the naughtiest in all his children and used to get beaten the most. The facts were revealed in the first show ‘Teray Meray Beech Main’ of director Farah Khan. Salman Khan was the guest and Farah Khan was digging out immensely for the facts. When she asked Salman about the intensity of slap, he told that it comes all of the sudden from nowhere and it is a heavy slap. This thing is almost unbelievable for a person 43 years old and even when he is a big star. One secret was also revealed on the show that Salma waits for his children to come home on the window.

This reflects that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, the love of mother for her children never dies. Now, the next time you see the star fighting people like he did in Tere Naam, think that this tiger is a cat in home.



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