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Love movies and action movies are highly preferred genre in movies. Usually Bollywood lovers prefer to watch love and romantic movies. Sadiyaan is one such release. It is an awesome movie that resolves around finding your love. The pictures we have shared provide First Look of the movie. The first look depicts that the movie is engaging and lovely. Keep visiting Funrocker for latest material on new Bollywood movies. Download Free Sadiyaan Movie First Look Posters and Pictures




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  1. Oeday on Thu, 31st Dec 2009 5:20 am 

    The story of saadiyan is about finding your true love. It’s rediculous that the writer tends to say that even if you’re already married you can go searching for your true love if you think that you haven’t found it yet, not even in your spouse.
    This sets husbands to justify giving devorce to their wives
    by first letting them get depressed. This is what Rishi and Hema’s role is teaching husbands. Nowadays hinduism and the veda teachings about dignity don’t mean a damn Bollywood.

    I think Indian cinema has become Hollywood addicted and shameless.

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