Real Anaconda (55ft) snake shocks World

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You can get free Largest Snake Of  The World Amazing Pictures. Anaconda remained in news from a long time but this time very one is shocked to her bout the largest anaconda yet found on earth. It is recorded to be 55 ft long having an unbearable weight of 300 kg. According to n estimate it y be 140 years old. This terrifying creature was found in a forest of China when a team was clearing some part of forest outside Guping city, Jiangxi province as it was needed to build a road there. They also claimed to find numerous boas while clearing the way through the forest but this was the most recordable and shocking one. According to the tem present at that time they saw another anaconda similar to this one there but it escaped. May be the bulldozer used there woke many of snakes present there. And when they were digging the soil they found some blood in the third dig, and when they continued digging they found this terrifying snake lying dead at the end of bulldozer. The men present there went into a deep shock that they couldn t even stand up. The man operating the bulldozer had a great effect of this incident and had as severe heart attack.  He later on died on the way to hospital as he could not bear this horrible creature in front of his eyes. This news now a day spreading likes a fire in forest through the internet and becoming great news through out the world. The original news was first reported by website of the Peoples Daily which is the official Communist Party newspaper of China.

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Real Anaconda (55ft) snake shocks World
Real Anaconda (55ft) snake shocks World



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  1. carlos augusto oliveira on Mon, 13th Sep 2010 3:21 pm 

    Boa tarde,

    Teria maiores informações sobre essa anaconda da china, como fotos e textos da mesma.
    Se tiveres maiores informações por favor, enviar para o meu-e-mail:

    Desde já agradeço.

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