Pretty Sonam Kapoor dating her future film director

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Pretty Sonam Kapoor dating her future film director

Sonam Kapoor is a beautiful gorgeous and glamorous indian actress, Sonam Kapoor is a thorough professional women and in the professional life of Sonam Kapoor she meet many men to give a growth to her professional career, and Sonam’s eyes always be in search of such a dedicated person who give her career a boost, These days according to various sources a wonderful report have be reviled that sonam kapoor have been found dating to her future director Punit Malhotra, Punnit is Casting Sonam in her new movieI Hate Luv Stories“. This is not a rumor as sonam and punit were seen together in a Mumbai Restaurant where after ordering food they talk for hours and according to them, something between them, make them both exited and look each other without noticing world around them, The Closeness rise between the Movie Director of “I Hate Luv Stories” punit Malhotra when he was on shooting with Sonam in New Zealand where they spent all the time which they have free together. The relationship whatever is in between Sonam and Punit but Punits Uncle Manish Malhotra and producer of “I Hate Luv Stories” Karan Johar seems not to happy with the increasing closeness in the happy couple.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor



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  2. shaina on Sat, 26th Jun 2010 10:28 am 

    wow sonam u look very preety in dis pic ,shooo beautiful

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