New Research Aims For Cooler Laptops

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Research Aims For Cooler Laptops

Research Aims For Cooler Laptops

The Moore’s law is obviously a definite argument to explain processing powers. With advent of new technologies, processing power is increasing rapidly and after the advent of multi-processing cores, the computation world is completely revolutionized. But there are always trade-offs and one trade of with increase in processing power is the heating effect. Our desktop computers and Laptops get too hot after usage of some hours that they literally can’t be touched. A new research has been carried out that aims to provide a solution to the heating effect. The scientist at Texas A&M University Mr Jairo Sinova who is a physics professor has in collaboration with co-workers of Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, Institute of Physics ASCR and University of Cambridge and University of Nottingham have published a research paper in a journal Nature Physics. The research says that it is not because of processing power but the way of processing that is the actual problem. He said that electric charge is used to regulate information through devices which causes main problems.

A solution sought out by the research says that spin of electrons can be used to process information. They are tiny particles which are not detectable by human eye when naked. The directions of spin can be associated with one state like a clockwise rotation can be assigned as 1 and anti-clockwise rotation can be assigned as 0. The device will inject the electrons and they will be translated into information depending on their direction. A sensor will sense the state by measuring the voltage produced by rotation to give cooler laptops



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