New Planets found outside Solar System

October 19, 2009 by  
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solar-systemWe can now safely claim to be smarter than a fifth grade because the number of planets outside our Solar System have experienced an increment as per discoveries. The scientists have found almost 32 new planets outside our Solar System. We all know that there are nine planets in the Solar System but outside it their are thousands.

This is a great discovery as it will unveil the secrets behind extra terrestrial life. Scientists are very hopeful that life can be expanded to inter-stellar space and the new planets discovered increase its probability. Although no planet of the size of earth has been discovered but it is believed that at some point in time and space we will be able to find a planet matching closely in living conditions as on earth. The telescopes used were those of European Southern Observatory telescopes. The announcement of new planets was carried out in a conference that was being held in Portugal.

If researchers succeed in their attempts to find life or feasible conditions for life in space, it’ll be a great moment for the entire history of mankind. Let’s juts be silent and see what comes next.



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