Scientists Discovered Rocky Planet

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PlanetScientists have discovered a planet which is much similar to earth. It is for the first time that a planet having many similarities is found. But, the temperature in the planet is not appropriate for life as it is very close to its sun. It is the first rocky planet on which foots could have been set because to live somewhere outside earth, we need a rocky place. The planet has two faces; one that always faces sun and other is always dark. Scientists speculate that the face that faces sun has a temperature of probably 2000 degree centigrade and minus 2800 on dark face. The sun faced area might have been molten. The name of the planet is CoRoT-7b, and it was discovered early last year by European Southern Observatory. Researchers say that it took them long time to understand the composition of the planet. The planet is 500 light years away from earth and still it is relatively closer to earth. It lies in the Monoceros constellation.



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