Mobiado Grand 350 – A Celestial Set

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The world of mobile phone is observing tremendous shifts in technology and companies are doing cool experiments on mobile phones. Pioneer a leading electronics company of the world has introduced Mobiado Grand 350 mobile phone. This is the 37th version of mobile phones made in the honor of Pioneer 10 probe. To your amazement, some front parts of the mobile are made up of real meteorite. It’ll be  a very exciting thing to hold a phone whose body is made up of a real meteorite. As a part of information, a meteorite is a celestial body which has traveled through earth while roaming in space. It is thus composed of many metals like Gold, Cooper etc.

Grand 350 PioneerIt is said that expensive mobiles feature only basic functionalities but Mobiado Grand 350 is a far cry in this respect. This phone features a 3.2 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, a QWETRY keyboard, microUSB jack, microSD card slot and 16M color screen. The mobile also features integrated GPS. This is not all, this phone is also made up of Ruby, Sapphire and Spacecraft Aluminum. The mobile is also fully 3G capable and HSDPA is also available.

Isn’t it a fine thing to held in your palm. The set is heavy though weighing 217 grams. But we know very well that good things have a trade-off. Before Mobiado Grand 350, some 37 phones have been made in honor for Pioneer 10 probe.

Mobiado 350



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