Meera’s Marraige Controversy

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Meer Jee 4Let’s all plan to find the truth whether Meera is married or not. Now, it’s evident that every sane and rational person would say that the videos uploaded by Mr. Atiq-ul-Rehman, the alleged husband of Meera, are correct. Even the cops saying it’s true that Meera wed with Atiq in 2007. Meera says she has not married yet and has no links with any person named Atiq-ul-Rehman. She says that the videos and other proofs are fake. Atiq has also accused her of theft in that she has stolen some valuables from his home. Atiq says that Meera is enjoying living in the house that he owns. Meera says that Atiq is a liar and is responsible is she dies. Meera has given exclusive interviews for local TV channels in which she has swear by God, her mother and other relations that could possibly, by her thinking, get her out of the trouble. Let’s all learn the lesson that never marry a film actress. Otherwise, you’ll run yourself into danger. Meera also says she is getting death threats from Atiq. She says the a top shot Indian movie director has planned conspiracy for her and that she exercises all humble means of sanity and virtue.

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