Meera’s Husband and Non-Husband

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She hath denied the truth and soon her judgment wills cometh. Meera the so called heera of Lollywood is no more a heera because his poor Meera Jee 1husband’s ‘gairat’ has invoked and he claims that Meera should be asked for her wrongdoings. It’s very amazing that a film star of 21st century is denying the audio, video and filed record placing fingers on her character. As for her, she says that her entity is sinless and she is such a poor soul that no one is coming forward to help her in bad time. Atiq-ur-Rehman is the suspect who claims to be the husband of Meera says that she is a money lover and ruins destinies of rich people by luring them with her very aspect. Atiq is a Faisalabad based businessman who managed to buy Meera a beautiful bungalow in Defense Housing Authority Lahore. He further says that he imported furniture of millions to decorate their beautiful house but her wife says she has nothing to do with him. Most interesting, Meera says that if she dies, Atiq will be held responsible. My advice, just chill the popcorn moments, it’s time to learn politics of a much lesser mortal.

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