Meera’s Divorce Scandal

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Meera Jee 2Actresses usually don’t get divorce, because they give it. But in case of Miss Meera jee, it’s not yet decided whether she became the bride of Atiq-ul-Rehman or he just dreamt of her. Whatsoever, let’s talk about facts guys. In a program she did for c42, Meera says she is searching a candidate who could be reasonable enough to be her husband. She gave an email address for wannabees which, Oh My God; she spelled Miss Meera Jee correctly and with a certain rhythm. Video proofs made by Atiq clearly reflect that the star shined in his house too. Press is quite active about Meera Jee these days; I think her think tank has advised her to throw her ten of diamonds first by propaganda of this story. After all, Atiq – the poor soul, was silent for much time. I think she has employed some Sardar Jees in her think tank or otherwise showbiz advisors. May be she will throw her ace by appending ‘Khan’ with her. Wannabees warning: All Khans must stay away from word Meera or they would have to pay 2crores for divorce as well. Witnesses that we see in the video acknowledge the bridal facts of Meera. I think Meera thinks that Atiq’s mouth is filled with Zeera.

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