Meera Photo Shoots For Dawn 2010

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Meera Photo Shoots For Dawn 2010

Meera is one of the Famous name among Pakistan Beauty, It is Meera‘s luck whatever meera say is a scandal, These days Meera insist to call herself to Miss, the reason behind this that Meera do not admit that she is the married to Ateeq-Ur-Rahman and according to meera all allegations are false, Meera is still considering herself 27 and for the proof of his words Meera shows his cell phone in which she have pictures of lot of boys, except all this Meera is liked by many, Dawn conduct a latest photo shoot for meera for the Dawn Album 2010, Watch album pictures posters and wallpapers of Meera here.

Meera Photo Shoots For Dawn 2010

Meera Photo Shoots For Dawn 2010



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