Lithium in Chile’s Desert

September 10, 2009 by  
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Lithium is an important element that although is lightest in the world, but much part of  the world is glowing because of it. The metal is used in making batteries ranging from wrisBatteryt watch batteries to car’s and laptop’s batteries. China is currently the mass producer of Lithium and search for other reserves is constantly being carried out. It seems that Mr. McKenna has been a successful candidate to find Lithium. The man owns a company that produces lithium. He has found ready-made lithium in the driest forest of
the world in Chile. The forest is world’s driest and hot sun always chills down the blood of visitors. But for McKenna, the place has been no more than a gold mine. He says that sun has made it all. When snow from cold mountains reach underground and mixes in the salt with lithium, it makes brine. The brine is then processed ultimately making lithium carbonate. The metal has experienced a three percent rise in price and Mercedes is going to announce a plug-in-car whose battery will be 20 pounds in weight.



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