Janleva 555 First Look Free Download

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Here You can Download Free Indian Super Hit Hindi Film Janleva 555 First Look. You are also get free Bollywood Movie Wallpapers, Hindi Songs, Songs Lyrics, Movie Mp3 Ringtones, Movie Videos and much more Fun.

Janleva 555 First Look

Janleva 555

Janleva 555 First Look

The trend of mixing the Hindi cinema with Tamil and Telugu cinemas has been increasing with every passing day in Bollywood. The actors, actresses and directors from the Tamil and Telugu industry are coming more and more to the Hindi cinema for becoming more popular and successful. In the same way, stories for Hindi movies are also being taken more often from the Tamil and Telugu movies. Sometimes this amalgamation becomes hit, while at other times it is not at all successful. Despite all this uncertainty, this trend is still an ongoing one. One such example is of Sandeep Malani, a director of Kannad movies, who is trying his luck in the Hindi cinema through his latest movie Janleeva 555. Prior to this, Sandeep Malani has also directed another Hindi movie Who 5 din which was not given even an average response from the public. However this time he is quite sure about the success of Janleeva 555. Let us see what happens when this movie is released.
Another vital aspect of Janleeva 555 is the actress acting in it. The hot and sizzling Kalpana Pandit is playing the main role in this movie. She has previously worked in some Indian movies but her roles were very small in all these movies. She has also worked in a short Kannada movie Jo Jo Laali. The good response that she received for her Kannada movie led her to produce Janleeva 555. Yes! Kalpana Pandit is also the producer of this latest movie. In addition to Kalpana Pandit, other actrs of this movie include Anant Nag, Akash Hora, Cliff Janke, Vishal Mehta and others. As far as the music is concerned, Dev Chauhan is the music director of this movie. He is giving his debut as a music director in this movie. The official trailer of Janleeva 555 has been released and so far it has received very little response from the audience. Janleeva 555 is a romantic thriller movie that focuses on the famous Indian story line including different time eras. In this movie, there are two time eras and they are separated from each other on the basis of 555 years, hence the name of the movie. You can find good music, thrill and romance in this movie, as said by the director and producer. On 19th October 2012, Janleeva 555 will be released all around India on the silver screen.

Cast & Crew

House of Pandit

Release Date
19 Oct 2012




Sandeep Malani

Kalpana Pandit

Star Cast
Kalpana Pandit…. Neelam
Anant Nag…. Prof. Sinha
Akash Hora…. Anand
Cliff Janke…. Steve
Abrar Zahoor…. Rajeev
Shona Chabra…. Pooja
Mann Hora…. Viren
Anant Joshi…. Laali
Ranjeet Jha…. Jojo
Vaseem…. Aslam Bhai
Willy Manchanda…. Bhairav
Lalitha Rajagopal…. Mother
Babli Dutta…. Nagina
Vishaal Mehta…. Mundi
Silver Malani…. Dancer

Story / Writers
Sandeep Malani

Background Music
Faizan Hussain
Ameya Naik
Angel Roman

Longines Fernandes

Ex. Co Producers
Cliff Janke

Publicity Pro
Himanshu Jhunjhunwala
Dwapar Promoters

Music Director
Dev Chauhan

Aditi Paul
Raja Hasan
Deepa Narayan
Tarannum Malik
Pamela Jain

Sanjay Mishra 1

Santosh Chawla

Selvam Kamal Lokhandwala

Sandeep Malani

Manoj Goswami



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