Was Meera Ever Married?

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Meera Jee 3“Mera Wajud Paak Hai” means ‘I am a virgin yet’. Although, her shameless videos are posted on a famous video sharing website, the actress says she is clean, cleaner and new forms of the word needs to be invented to advocate my virginity. We all are very sad yet alert about the destiny of a man who marries a film star. Meera’s scandal about her hidden yet unacknowledged marriage is on the air. Atiq-ul-Rehman is a businessman who allegedly married the Lollywood superstar. Atiq says that the house Meera is currently living is a possession of him and also those lots of valuable items have been stolen out of his home. If it is all true, Meera would be a thief and if not, Atiq would be aired through the courtrooms. The excitement has begun when Atiq demanded Meera to have DNA test. Now, Meera can also deny DNA but we all can’t.  She says that a great conspiracy has been made against her by an Indian movie director. The police have however confirmed that the house Meera living in belongs to her but it may have been bought by Atiq before. Other thing police has accepted is that Meera was wed to Atiq on 2007.

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