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memoryHuman being and computers have something very important that makes them very powerful and useful. And it is the presence of memory. But unfortunately the game of trade-offs is always there.

You can increase computers memory to an extent and it would be precise but human memory can not be expanded by operation due to architectural limitations. This is because we don’t have slots in our mind to install memory chips. Our memory is related to neurotic pathways. But there are ways with which we can sharpen our memory. These ways are not related to physically operating you brain for increase in memory.

Scientists say that concentration and interest are simple tools to sharpen the memory. They say that we remember only what we want to remember. That’s why people who quite often find themselves into memory loss problems sing songs perfectly and explain you the whole movies in four to five minutes. Exercises of Yoga are recommended for concentration and meditation is also a great thing for that purpose. Associative Imaging is a technique that says that human beings remember images more easily than text. So, whatever you want to remember, you have to make image of it in mind. Alzheimer disease is related to memory loss. The dysfunction of memory has very bitter effects on the overall performance of human beings. Many people trigger success because they have good memories.

Memory is divided among two categories, Short Term Memory and Long Term Memory. Short Term Memory is related to learning things for shorter span of time and vice-versa. I have found this thing that when we are conscious to learn something, we seldom forget it. Memory techniques have been developed which surely impart a great effect on memory and one tends to remember more. Interested readers can consult e books on increasing memory. The memory is also related to our conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. Conscious generally has short term memory.



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  2. Guy Schalk on Sat, 12th Dec 2009 7:13 pm 

    One technique to enhance your memory;
    Observe and repeat: do not worry as doing an action repeatedly doesn’t qualify you as a mentally disturbed patient. Surveys have shown that doing a task repeatedly helps in making an individual more conversant with the action making him able to carry out the task anywhere.

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