Himesh Reshammiya says he is not Nasal Singer

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HimeshWe all love music and we can accept all genres of singing except nasal singing. Himesh Reshammiya is an accused  nasal singer and he says it hurts a lot. Hamesh says that he has become a favorite singer of many and still people say that he has a nasal touch in his singing. We all know that it is very difficult to distinguish between his songs because almost all of them are same. He really sings from his nasal’s. I must say that he knows nothing about singing and is deteriorating the sanctity of music. To your amazement, Himesh says that he is a high pitched singer and it us obvious that when you sing high notes, you touch nasal singing thing.

His upcoming movie Radio, in which he is acting as a Radio Jockey has some songs sung in low notes and some with nasal touch. We must say that Mr. Himesh, you are simply not a singer. So, go home and try your luck in something else. He has also put his leg in acting and direction. May God save Bollywood from incompetent new comers. He says “I used to think that my songs are becoming hit still people are criticising my singing. I wanted to give my singing the name of  high-pitched voice, but so many people criticized me. I was hurt”.



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