Happy New Year 2013 Top 50 Colorful Greeting Cards

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New Year is the start of the Georgian calendar we can say it 1st January know to be the celebration day. This is the biggest celebration day for the countries that use this calendar. In Pakistan Islamic too exist but still Georgian calendar is followed as a whole Islamic calendar is used only for some purposes. New Year in other calendars lies on other dates like in Chinese calendar New Year date falls between 20 January to 20 February and it is set for the solar after every three year according to lunar calendar. In Hindustan Vikram Samvat calendar is followed their New Year date is 1st on chaitra month and according to Georgian calendar this date falls on 23-24 March. In Islamic calendar the New Year date is 1st Muharam this day is the beginning of the New Year. The New Year moves from year to year an Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar.  1st January is the fresh and new start of the year. When everyone feels like they have stepped into another world with new technologies as the world is moving forward day by day. There is the review of the past year everywhere but still more celebrations of the New Year. Even on the last night of December after 12am celebrations for the New Year starts. Families friends coworkers everyone celebrate it together forgetting every sought of problems. Fireworks take place over the country. Everyone enjoys the parties arranged for the celebration of New Year. There are some who are involved in watch night services. On this day many countries celebrate bonfire of discarded Christmas trees. In Pakistan as there is Muslim majority it was not celebrated in early years but now as the youth of Pakistan is so energetic the just enjoy every day of the year and no doubt on a year they come up with the blast of happiness everywhere. Happy New Year seems to be a very small sentence but it means too much when wished to close ones. New Year’s cards are so common among the people. There are many cards out there to wish Happy New Year to your friends and families. Many good wishes are written on cards. Cards are their way to make your heart speak. Even you can send the Happy New year cards online to the one who are really far away from you.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013



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