The flying kiss anger and Amrit

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BeboA recent problematic yet funny incident took place on the sets of Star Plus Bebo. The actor Amrit was unaware that flying kisses pointing to wrong directions can surely run the scenario into chaos. He transferred a flying kiss in a rather lazy mood to Bebo when Bebo’s (Shiv Shakti) father personally saw the kiss flying over to her daughter. He went furious and the South Asian father’s syndrome struck him. So, the father started yelling at the actor who was sleepy and his all attentions started concentrating on the yelling. People at the sets say that poor dude didn’t even get a chance to utter a word. However, when the father went cooler, Amrit went to see him and explained him that the flying kiss was not meant for her Bebo rather it was a gift for the make-up artist. The papa jaani of bebo needs to know that flying kiss is a safer version of many kisses done by lovers. So, safety assurance and kiss are both awesome when it is a flying kiss. Although, Amrit please wool your ears next time you fly a kiss.



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