Facebook starts earning profit

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facebookFacebook has become the world’s largest social networking site and has almost 300 million active users. No social networking website in the world has ever touched this figure. The Facebook administration has told the media that they have started earning profit which they didn’t speculate until 2010. The social networking site was released from a small room in Harvard in 2004. And in just less than 5 years, it has attracted millions of users world-wide. The site is freely connecting people from all over the world and has very awesome news and information update and sharing capabilities. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook and Harvard alumni as well. The boy says that Facebook is achieving milestones in a shorter and less-than-speculated time period. One can assess the market worth of Facebook as when its 1.6% stake was taken by Microsoft Corp. at $240 million. Thus its market worth was $15 billion on October 2007. Mark is the 321st richest person in US and 70% of its users are from outside US.



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