Facebook increases Intelligence

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facebook-vs-twitterA new research carried out by Dr Alloway who is professor in University of Stirling, Scotland says that use of social networking site like Facebook increases intelligence and memory while Twitter and YouTube can weaken your memory and distract your thoughts. It is a fact that much population of internet users also use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and they use them on regular basis. There also is a huge difference between those who love facebook and those who love Twitter. Facebook users generally see pictures, are updated about their friends and friends of friends and they also see interesting video clips shared by their friends. While Twitter users get quick response from their followers. Dr Alloway says that playing strategy games like soduku increase your intelligence just as usage of Facebook does. She says that it is worst for memory to fill your brain with hell lot of information and that’s exactly what Twitter does. So, Twitter users must beware of working memory loss. Dr Alloway devised a systematic plan to assess the growth of intelligence and responsiveness in children by making a working memory training for 11-14 year old kids. She made a team and they worked on the children at a school in Durham for some time. They say that children had visible signs of improvement in working memory and increase in IQ. Dr Alloway says that nowasdays people are losing working memory because they dont remember what they must and stuff their brain with extra information. By using Facebook, there are increases chances that your working memory will enhance.



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  1. Patel on Mon, 14th Sep 2009 7:25 pm 

    Wow. I am already a Facebook user. But the doctor has not told how it increases memory in detail.

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