Eid Grating Cards 2010

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Here You are get Free Eid Grating Cards 2010 for Your Wishing Persons. You can also get more Wallpapers Collection.. Now Here You can huge Collection Of Mp3 Songs

Eid Grating Cards 2010

Eid Grating Cards 2010

Eid Grating Cards 2010
Eid Grating Cards 2010

Eid in standard wordings is a blessed festival for Muslim community all over the world. It on the whole marks the ultimate winding up of the holy month of Ramadan, in which Muslims are used to keep fasting. Originally Eid is an Arabic word which submits to festivity while the word Fitr in Eid ul Fitr refers to purify considering both of the words one could wrap up that all the Muslims get purified on this very blessed holiday. In supplementary wordings, this Eid day is the very first day of solar month, Shawwal.

All of the Muslims including older, elders, younger, kids every age of person offer Eid ul Fitr Salat which is a wajib on every Muslim. It consists of two raka ah or we could say two units which is supposed to offer in an open field that is normally referred as Eid Gah. This salat namaz is slightly different from normal salat that Muslims do offer in their daily routine as there is no Azaan and Aqamat for the Eid ul Fitr, and Khutba is performed after offering the namaz whereas in normal circumstances Khutba is performed before offering Jummas prayer.

After offering prayer, everyone greet each other in their own local languages and follow their own customs and tradition in greeting. Normally, people used to say Eid Mubarak while Pathan says Akhtar Dey Ombarak Sha and hug both sides and move ahead to greet other. It is such a day where everyone greet others no matter they know each other or not, they just greet one another, hug and moves on which really shows great affection.

At this blessed and Holy Day, people are also used to send Eid Greetings Cards to their ones. I myself feel immense happiness when I get from my affectionate fellows and relatives, and so do I send them enchanted greetings Eid cards. In addition to this, kids, teenagers, younger as well as elders feel pleasant in sending such sorts of cards to their own circle. However, sending a physical Eid Card is sometimes become unessential to send if it comes to foreign counteris. But since its a tradition, people have been facilitated to send Eid Greeting Cards online at a click. There are numerous sites which facilitate users to freely send gorgeous cards to their loved ones.



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